Poster which was created for Kulturhavn Festival 2015 in Denmark. It’s Denmark’s largest harbour festival, featured each year during the first weekend of August.  The main idea of the poster: colorful and powerful whirlwind represents madness of the festival that comes inexorably. Dark and alone figure standing at the beach realizes that he is alone who had not joined in and that he will become a part of the whole madness just in the twinkling of the eye - this is inevitable. Color contrast and proportions of dark figure and whirlwind convey powerlessness of sadness and catching power of positive.


Tonytravel turned to me for a visual identify that would capture their unique travel offers and love for the client. The request was fulfilled and I helped them to get on their way developing the logo. Decision to refuse capital letters was made due to aspiration to reveal passion for the clientele. Red is energizing and it excites the emotions, motivates us to take action, dark purple calms the mind and nerves - that combination of colors is completely perfect to encourage traveling. Rising airplane and fumes accent in a negative space help to understand what is the specific field in which company specializes even without reading a title.

Nosebleed of the Creator

21st century is the age full of plenty large-scale problems. Starting from extreme poverty, violent religious extremism and finishing with a war that could end civilization. Photo manipulation entitled Nosebleed of the Creator reveals an idea that due to wide range of nowadays problems, powerful and advanced planet can turn into ruins, peculiar as well as Acropolis of Athens which formerly was an citadel and now it is just a historical monument. Blood reflects pain of The Creator - he monitors his planet Earth and horrible situation hurts him. How many days until the end of the world? Photo manipulation received attention and was shared by New Aestheticians online blog

Be selfish & Go

Limited edition sweatshirts that was created for my personal brand Be selfish & Go collection entitled Where Is Your Head At. The process: 1) Old materials search and examination at grandfather's homestead loft. 2) Digital recreation and edit of old patterns using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 3) Production. It took only a few weeks to sell out. Lithuanian celebrities such as Radistai (Jonas Nainys and Rolandas Mackevicius)  have also became Be selfish & Go customers.

Rolandas Paskevicius

Lyrics book of well-known musician Rolandas Paskevicius. The mission was focused on creating a product that would be both modern and minimalistic. Furthermore, one of the musician's desires was to convey mood of songs through the visualization. Tremendous red circle in the centre of the front page emits the idea that only art resurrects our feelings in that colorless world. Red was chosen due to its impact on individuals emotion - it is the color of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex on the positive side or revenge and anger on the negative. Project is still under development..